The WMCIF offers three sessions, each with three classes to choose from. Pick the classes that interest you most! Save your seat!

Session One | 1 – 1:50 PM
OSHA Enforcement Initiatives for 2019 | Ideal for business owners as well as safety and risk managers
This session will address OSHA changes for 2019 as well as strategies you can use to make your compliance as effective as possible. The citation process will also be covered in more depth.  LEARN MORE>

New Revenue Recognition Standards are Effective Soon! Are You Ready?  | Ideal for CFOs, controllers, accounting staff, CPAs, CEOs, and business owners
The effective date for the new revenue recognition standards is fast approaching – join us for an overview of the new standards and how they will impact your business. LEARN MORE>

The Anatomy of a Construction Claim | Ideal for business owners and managers responsible for managing litigation and the costs associated with litigation
Discussion of a construction claim from start to finish, with potential issues and questions addressed along the way. Join us to learn the process, how to avoid claims, and minimize costs of litigation.  LEARN MORE>

Session Two | 2 – 2:50 PM
2018 Tax Update Part 1 | Ideal for business owners, CFOs, and controllers
Learn about the new section 199A deduction of 20% for pass-through entities and new options for accounting methods under the new tax law.  LEARN MORE>

Workers Compensation and Integrated Risk | Ideal for business owners, human resource professionals and risk managers
This session will focus on Workers Compensation Claims and how they specifically impact FMLA, ADA and Employer Liability. Changes for the 2018-2019 Experience Modification Formula will also be discussed, as well as other topics like transitional return to work and drug testing in the workplace. LEARN MORE>

831(b) Captive Insurance Companies: The Road to Turning Risk Into Profit| Ideal for business owners and management. 
How would you like to turn your insurance premiums into profit? In this session you will learn the benefits and objectives of 831(b) captive insurance arrangements—as compared to traditional third-party insurance—along with the steps and costs associated with forming an 831(b).  LEARN MORE>

Session Three | 3 – 3:50 PM
2018 Tax Update Part 2| Ideal for business owners, CFOs, and controllers
Learn about (almost) everything else in the new tax law that you didn’t already learn in the Tax Update 1 session. LEARN MORE>

Project Specific Insurance- Opportunities and Risks | Ideal for business owners, CFOs, and risk managers

How damages are described in your contracts can have a discernible difference in the risk you undertake on every project. This session will focus on what the clauses are, what the risks are, and how best to neutralize or avoid those risks. LEARN MORE>

The Unintended Consequences of BIM Technology | Ideal for business owners and managers responsible for managing BIM use and development
In this session, learn  how contracts and BIM technology relate to each other, and what the benefits and pitfalls are. You will also learn how BIM technology can help you develop schedules and impact analysis to head off significant claims and disputes. LEARN MORE>

Keynote Address: Steve Heacock | 4-4:30 PM

We will be concluding the conference with a keynote address from Spectrum Health’s Steve Heacock. Please join us for his vision of the future of the area in “Grand Rapids: 2038.”