The WMCIF offers three sessions, each with three classes to choose from. Pick the classes that interest you most! Save your seat!

Session One | 1 – 1:50 PM
Comparing Litigation, Arbitration & ADR | Ideal for those involved in drafting contracts and evaluating risk
Everyone wants to avoid the high costs of dispute resolution. There are many choices and avenues. Which is the best for you?  LEARN MORE>

New Revenue Recognition Standards  | Ideal for CFOs, controllers, accounting staff, CPAs, CEOs, and business owners
The effective date for the new revenue recognition standards is fast approaching – join us for an overview of the new standards and how they will impact your business. LEARN MORE>

Risk Management | Ideal for business owners, CFOs, controllers, risk managers, and project managers
Discussion of risk management concepts with an emphasis on managing risk in the construction industry. Examination of best practices, planning for missing coverage, and understanding the effects of risk management. LEARN MORE>

Session Two | 2 – 2:50 PM
Updated AIA Agreements | Ideal for business owners and project managers
Learn how the updated AIA agreements differ from prior versions and how the revised contracts, including the brand new comprehensive insurance and bonds exhibit, may affect roles and responsibilities on a project.  LEARN MORE>

Workers’ Compensation Risk Management | Ideal for business owners and risk managers
As the Experience Modification Factor (EMR) is becoming more critical in the construction industry, this session will focus on the primary components of an Experience Modification Rating Factor, key amendments to the Michigan workers’ compensation law, and more. LEARN MORE>

Why Entity Selection Matters | Ideal for business owners, CFOs, controllers, and risk managers
How your business is organized for tax and legal purposes can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Join us as we explore the different types of entity structures, their implications, and the various legal requirements to consider when deciding which entity type to use. LEARN MORE>

Session Three | 3 – 3:50 PM
Complying with Sales & Use Tax Laws | Ideal for contractors and business owners
How will new or revised laws impact your compliance and tax requirements? Which exemptions apply to you? How can you ensure compliance to avoid issues on an audit? Join us as we discuss and review these common sales and use tax issues that face the construction industry. LEARN MORE>

Avoiding the Risk of Consequential Damages
How damages are described in your contracts can have a discernible difference in the risk you undertake on every project. This session will focus on what the clauses are, what the risks are, and how best to neutralize or avoid those risks. LEARN MORE>

Liens, Bonds & Common Misunderstandings | Ideal for owners, project managers, and account managers
In this session, learn how best to protect your business and payment for work performed through the use of Michigan construction liens. You’ll also get to know Hilger Hammond’s proprietary “Construction Lien Roadmap.” LEARN MORE>